come here boi meme – Here come dat boi

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3.5.2016 · For a longer version right click on the video then select ”loop”, or use: Rap lyrics: Here come dat boi, o shit waddup (x4)

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30.5.2016 · Category Gaming; Song Crank That (Soulja Boy) [Travis Barker Remix] Artist Soulja Boy Tell’em; Writers Soulja Boy Tell ’Em; Licensed to YouTube by

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Dat Boi, a colloquial pronunciation of “that boy,” is a nickname given to a 3D character model of a green frog riding a unicycle, typically accompanied by catchphrases like ”here comes dat boi!” and ”o shit waddup,” that went viral on social media in early 2016.

Dat Boi is an Internet meme originating from the clip art website Animation Factory. The meme garnered popularity on Tumblr in 2015 before gaining more recognition through Twitter in 2016. It is usually accompanied by a person saying ”here come dat boi” to which he replies ”o shit waddup!”

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