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Česko-slovenská databáze anime, mangy, postav a osobností Veselé Vánoce – Veřejná Alfa V3. Ahoj všichni, zase tu máme Vánoce a to znamená, že už je to zhruba rok

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24.1.2019 · Where to go in Akihabara: a tour of where to find the best arcades, figures, games, shops & anime merch. Akihabara (aka Akiba) is otaku central in Tokyo. With a buzzing atmosphere, it’s where to find the most anime, manga,

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9.9.2019 · Radio Kaikan is one of Akihabara’s iconic landmarks, and features more than 30 stores selling electronics and other anime related goods. Some of the famous stores include K-Books, Kaiyodo and Volks which sell all kinds of manga, models, toys, trading cards, figurines and collectibles.

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4.9.2017 · Akihabara District in Tokyo, Japan is the world headquarters for Japanese anime, manga, comic books, video games, and electronics. — Thankfully I had my Japanese friend Sabbaro there to help guide me around

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Akihabara tries to create an atmosphere as close as possible to the game and anime worlds of customers’ interest. The streets of Akihabara are covered with anime and manga icons, and cosplayers line the sidewalks handing out advertisements, especially for maid cafés.

Coming to Japan for anime and manga shopping? You should check this list of 10 best shops to plan your shopping day in Akihabara Tokyo.

Akihabara in Tokyo is renowned for its shops and culture of Japanese anime, manga, and games. This article features five stores that visitors should definitely check out for shopping and unique souvenirs.

Step into Akihabara, paradise for manga and anime fans. Find out what to do, where to go, good deals and more in Tokyo. Explore hidden gems even many locals don’t know! Dig deeper the charm of Tokyo!

“Anime and Gaming Adventure Tour in Akihabara” by Magical Trip is a popular half-day tour introducing some classic and hidden Otaku spots by a local guide! The tour also takes you to one of the famous Maid Cafes in Akihabara! Click here for more details about the tour and book with a big discount! 6.

Also, there are a lot of shops selling unique products related to anime, games, manga, cosplay, idols, etc, including very rare items. Today, I am sharing the Akihabara Shopping Guide with my picks of the 10 best stores in Akihabara, Tokyo where you can find great products

There are various anime themed cafes around Akihabara. The most apparent one is the Gundam Cafe right outside the station. While I cannot rate other anime cafes, because I avoid such places like the plague, we went to the Gundam Cafe to try it out. I must say, it was underwhelming.

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In Akihabara gibt es viele Otaku. Für Fans von Videospielen gibt es zahllose Second-Hand-Geschäfte und die achtstöckige Sega World. Aber auch im Bereich Anime, Manga und Merchandise ist Akihabara eine zentrale Anlaufstelle.

If manga/anime is your thing then you already know about Akihabara. Loads of restaurants, maid cafes, arcades & pachinko parlours. One of the main entertainment areas of Tokyo. If you’re looking for any type of electronics, this is THE place. You could spend hours (possibly

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Another multi-level shopping complex, Akihabara Cultures Zone is one of the district’s newer additions. It’s filled with small shops selling everything from anime figurines to card games. One of Animate’s smaller locations, carrying the latest anime goods, occupies the first floor.

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Join this Akihabara anime tour in Tokyo to experience Anime and Maids. Explore Tokyo’s Electric Town, Akihabara with a local guide! Akihabara is home to many of Japan’s finest Anime, Games, and Maids. Check out the latest technology, entertainment, and try out a maid cafe with our guide on this Tokyo tour.


An anime Tokyo tour around Akihabara with Context Travel, between maid cafes, idol bands and Otaku culture. A glimpse into a little-understood Japan.

So if you’re looking to catch a bit of the personality of Akihabara yourself and enjoy some anime set in this otaku paradise, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’ve been there yourself or not, enjoy our picks for the Top 10 Anime Set in Akihabara.

Cyberteam in Akihabara (アキハバラ電脳組, Akihabara Dennō Gumi) is a 1998 science fiction anime series created by Tsukasa Kotobuki and Satoru Akahori. The television series aired from April 4, 1998 to September 26, 1998 on TBS and ran for 26 episodes.

Episodes: 26 (List of episodes)

Akihabara (秋葉原) is Tokyo’s ”Electric Town”, located on the eastern side of the central Chiyoda ward. The area houses thousands of shops selling every technological gadget you can imagine, from computers to gaming consoles and vacuums to DVDs, at rather reasonable prices.

Akihabara (often abbreviated as Akiba) might be one of the most famous places to a foreigner coming to Tokyo. As you probably already know, it is THE place to go for all kinds of geekery, with a high concentration of electronics shops and the most manga, anime goods, and maid cafes you can find in one place anywhere on earth (not even an

27.6.2019 · Formerly located in Akihabara, the Tokyo Anime Center can now be found in the basement of the DNP Plaza near Ichigaya Station. Besides a small shop featuring anime-related goods and an event space, the center hosts rotating temporary exhibitions about works of anime.

To say Akihabara is all about anime (Japanese hand-drawn and computer animation) and manga (Japanese graphic novels) is an understatement. Collectively known as otakus, young game-crazed hipsters line the streets of this section of the city. Stop into the Tokyo Anime Center to see its eye-opening exposition.

For anime and manga lovers, Akihabara is home to the Tokyo Anime Center, which holds numerous anime-related exhibitions and events, and the Mandarake, the self-described largest anime and manga shop in the world. In recent years, this area has gained much popularity both in Japan and internationally for being the heart of anime culture.

Diez años han pasado desde ’El Gran Terremoto de Tokyo’, desastre masivo natural que hundió más del 70 por ciento de Tokio en el océano. Ganta Igarashi es un estudiante de escuela secundaria medio de 14 años en la Prefectura Nagano.

Akihabara Electric Town—affectionately known as Akiba—is worldly famous for its densely packed buildings crammed full of anime, manga, and game paraphernalia. It’s a must-go spot for visitors to Japan who want to bask in geeky otaku culture. Located in the heart of Tokyo, Akihabara Station is easily accessible via the JR Yamanote Line.

Whether it’s your first or fourth time visiting Tokyo , Akihabara is a must visit neighborhood conveniently located in central Tokyo. With a variety of things to do and see, Akihabara is one of Tokyo’s most lively entertainment and retail districts that deserves a visit.

I wanted to show my father around Akihabara. Our guide, Lily (Yuriho) showed us a lot of cool places where he could get his fill on all things otaku. Definitely would not have found these gems on our own. Would recommend this tour for people new to Akihabara.


@Home Cafe / Be a master at Maid Cafe Akihabara 2015/02/06 Yesterday we are very lucky!! We’re invited by @Home Cafe to have lunch with a super cute maid there!

Akihabara, also called Akihabara Electric Town, is the go-to district in Tokyo for electronics, anime and manga products. Hundreds of electronics stores line the neighborhood streets, selling everything from computer parts to home goods and ranging in size from small stalls to mainstream chains.

Akihabara on alue Tokiossa, jolle ominaista ovat mm. pelihallit, manga- ja anime-sarjakuvat, Maid-kahvilat sekä suuret elektroniikkakaupat.

We are operating an Akihabara tourist information website which is called as “AKIHABARA JAPAN”. Besides Japanese, the website also has English, Chinese and Korean version. The website is designed to advertise the attractiveness of Akihabara, with shop and event information posted on it.

akihabara online category:AKIHABARA GOURMET etc. >> more. Kanda Shokudo. Kanda Cafeteria is an old fashioned eatery you’ll find in Akiba. You can find our

Akihabara is perhaps the most (in?)famous place in Tokyo for anime viewers. In fact, you could call it the City of Anime. Let’s take a look at how Akiba is portrayed in different anime. Note: As with the previous AiRL article, mild spoilers may occur in screenshots of the various series.

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Akihabara Electric Town is all too well known for the sale of its namesake on nearly every street corner. Yet while buying cheaper electronics and their individual parts can draw in only so many people, I tend to think that its burst in popularity is thanks to the cultivation of its anime culture.

Akihabara Gamers Store is located right outside Akihabara Station’sElectric Town Exit. The seven-story store carries mainly bishōjo, or ”beautiful girl” anime, and voice actor merchandise. There is a wide variety of items, which range from magazines, DVDs, and CDs to character goods.

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Sin embargo, si bien Akihabara compite con otros barrios, como Ikebukuro (especialmente para ellas en la calle Otome) o el cada vez más popular Nakano Broadway, para mantener su estatus como barrio para aficionados del manga y el anime, lo cierto es que la mezcla de electrónica y duty free y tiendas relacionadas con la cultura otaku es una de

4.10.2018 · Akihabara, the otaku capital of Japan, is a great place to spend a few hours—whether you’re into anime or not. Between the crazily colorful multi-storey shops, the maids on the side of the street, and the hole-in-wall cafes and restaurants, it’s an experience that you won’t forgetever.

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If you have been reading my reviews than you may have noticed that I tend to rip the anime a new one. There is a reason for this though and it has to do with the fact that I can’t turn my brain off when watching anime. I can’t ignore the stupid shown in the anime and this is a


Nowadays, Akihabara is considered by many to be an otaku cultural center and a shopping district for video games, anime, manga, and computer goods. Icons from popular anime and manga are displayed prominently on the shops in the area, and numerous maid cafés are found throughout the district.

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Explore Akihabara – Tokyo’s Amazing Anime District! Akihabara is one of those Tokyo neighbourhoods that I didn’t want to miss seeing. Japan has captured the admiration and ardour of many people around the world due to its thriving comic and animation industries.

Discover Akihabara with your own personal maid! Feel and immerse yourself into Japanese anime and manga culture! Voyagin is a marketplace to help you discover and book the best things to do, attraction tickets, and unique local tours.


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Tienda de Anime, Manga y Cultura Japonesa, Conoce información referente a Anime y Manga. Adquiere los mejores productos de tus series favoritas.

Tienda de Anime, Manga y Cultura Japonesa, Conoce información referente a Anime y Manga. Adquiere los mejores productos de tus series favoritas.

So you’ve come to Japan and have even made your way to otaku mecca Akihabara. Since you’ve followed our guide, you already have all the Japanese games you could want! But that’s not enough to satiate you: You want anime and game figures as well—but have no idea where to look. Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Akihabara-Anime TH. 36,362 likes · 48 talking about this. ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าสู่เพจ Akihabara-Anime TH อัพเดทคำคม , มุข , กลอน และอัพเดทข่าวสารต่างๆ ทุกวัน

K-Books have branches in Akihabara and Ikebukuro, and they won’t lose to any of their competitors when it comes to anything related to manga and anime. Aside from selling anime and manga products, they also “buy” them for a reasonable price. Rare and high-quality goods can fetch a good price if you are willing to sell them to the K-Books

Informazioni su Akihabara, il quartiere di Tokyo per gli Otaku, dove si possono trovare anime e manga, action figure, gadget, elettronica, DVD porno e quant’altro per sfogare le proprie passioni e perversioni.

La mayoría de los comercios de allí se dedican a la venta de productos electrónicos, computadoras, accesorios y gadgets; además de entretenimiento audiovisual, como anime, manga y videojuegos en su mayoría se encuentran en la calle principal, Chūōdōri, con muchos tipos de artículos utilizados en las callejuelas de Soto Kanda 3-chome.

Cyberteam in Akihabara (アキハバラ電脳組, Akihabara Dennō Gumi) is a 1998 science fiction anime series created by Tsukasa Kotobuki and Satoru Akahori. The television series aired from April 4, 1998 to September 26, 1998 on TBS and ran for 26 episodes.

Akihabara isn’t called Electric Town for no reason. As soon as you step off the train, you’re bombarded with adverts for all the latest gaming technology, anime merchandise and themed cafes.

Akihabara törekszik arra, hogy az animék és videójátékok világában megszokott, ahhoz minél inkább hasonló környezetet teremtsen fogyasztói számára. Akihabara utcáit ellepik az anime és manga ikonok, és cosplayesek osztogatnak szórólapokat a járdaszélen, leginkább maid cafékhoz.

Akihabara är en stadsdel i Chiyoda, Tokyo som är mest känd för sina affärer som säljer elektronik, kameror och datorer. Det hela började efter andra världskriget med försäljning av radiorör och andra elektriska komponenter under järnvägsspåret nära stationen i Akihabara.

We are operating an Akihabara tourist information website which is called as “AKIHABARA JAPAN”. Besides Japanese, the website also has English, Chinese and Korean version. The website is designed to advertise the attractiveness of Akihabara, with shop and event information posted on it.

Akihabara General information . click below for hours and location Hours And Location Outside Food Allowed in For your convinence. There ARe snacks and ramen available for purchase . Want to help us grow? Please like and share our stuff on facebook. Back to Top.

Looking for information on the anime Akihabara Dennou-gumi? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world’s most active online anime and manga community and database. A ”patapi” is a cute mechanical creature which is like a cyber pet. It can eat, sleep, play, and even help out its owners with some stuff. When Hibari Hanakoganei receives a patapi

Join this Akihabara anime tour in Tokyo to experience Anime and Maids. Explore Tokyo’s Electric Town, Akihabara with a local guide! Akihabara is home to many of Japan’s finest Anime, Games, and Maids. Check out the latest technology, entertainment, and try out a maid cafe with our guide on this Tokyo tour.

De Otakucultuur in Akihabara is vrij bekend. Vele mensen houden er een levensstijl op na, gericht op technologische ondernemingen en met een voorliefde voor anime, dat hen tot buitenstaanders in andere facetten van de Japanse maatschappij heeft gemaakt.

The Akihabara district in Tokyo, once famous for electronics, is now a center for video games, anime, and other pop culture as well. Visitor will find maid cafés, cosplay devotees, and an abundance of specialty shops devoted to interests like figurines and manga.

Little Akihabara Anime Shop – 1716 Spring Garden St, Greensboro, North Carolina 27403 – Rated 4.7 based on 61 Reviews ”Such a great place! The staff is

Akihabara sai hüüdnimeks Akihabara Elektri Linn (秋葉原電気街 Akihabara Denki Gai) kohe pärast II maailmasõda, olles peamine koduelektroonikatoodete ostukeskus ja sõjajärgne must turg. Tänapäeval peetakse Akihabarat otaku kultuuri keskuseks ning videomängude, anime, manga ja

Akihabara est le quartier électronique de Tokyo. C’est le lieu privilégié des amateurs de mangas, jeux vidéo et de culture populaire japonaise, très apprécié des jeunes touristes étrangers ”geek” ou ”otaku”. Il

The highly anticipated T-side exclusive Akihabara Accept is here! Decorated with a heat-transfer vinyl of the latest issue of an anime magazine cover, You’ll never feel alone when you’re the sole survivor of the team clutching 1v5 with this kawaii-аss gun!

Dianka the Akihabara Main Store. DeAnka at Akiba offers anime action figures, video games, cosplay costumes, other anime goods, and various mysterious toys. You may find some rare items that ar akihabara online category:Hobby Shop >> more

Wedding ceremonies with handsome anime men now being offered at Akihabara VR center. Casey Baseel Apr 19, 2018; video game developer Sega is now offering women the chance to take part in a wedding ceremony with one of three handsome anime-style

Akihabara (秋葉原?) est un quartier de Tokyo situé à cheval sur les arrondissements de Chiyoda et de Taitō. Il est célèbre pour ses très nombreuses boutiques d’électronique et pour les mangas qui s’y trouvent. Il est connu dans le monde sous le nom de Akihabara Electric Town (秋葉原電気街, Akihabara

jr・東京メトロ日比谷線・つくばエクスプレスから、それぞれご来店頂けます! コミックやマンガ、同人誌・ライトノベル(ラノベ)などの書籍から、キャラクターグッズやフィギュア、トレーディングカード(トレカ)、食玩、アニくじなどのアニメ

Akihabara Station is located in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo. The area is known as a lively shopping district, with many stores specializing in electronics and otaku, the diehard anime and manga fandom. Akihabara was named for the Akiba, a local shrine formerly found there. Akiba was the god of fire, and Akihabara means “autumn leaf field.”

Akihabara es el mejor barrio de Tokio para comprar las últimas novedades en tecnología. También es la cuna del manga y otras tendencias frikis.

2013 Spring Akihabara Free Tour Campaign has finished. Now we offer paid tours : The Best of Akiba “New Discovery of Akihabara” If you are interested in the paid tours, please E

For a country whose love of all things electronic is challenged only by its love of all things manga and anime, Akihabara is something of a national shrine. Here you’ll find endless electronics stores squeezed into alleyways, stores piled high with the latest gaming wizardry, and cute anime characters in

Our walk in the Akihabara neighborhood begins with a history of the area. Today, Akihabara is celebrated for its arcades and anime related goods. It was a different story after WW2, when the neighborhood was the place to go for electrical appliances, particularly radios.

Located at the heart of Akihabara anime town, Kotobukiya is one of the most famous stores in the area (very near to another famous store, Animate). The shop offers wide range of products for anime and game lovers, ranging from character goods from popular anime,

Oder welches die besten Otaku Anime-Läden in Akihabara/Tokyo sind? Oder was dich in den besten Anime-Läden erwartet? Dann suche nicht weiter, sondern informiere dich in diesem Artikel über die besten Anime & Manga-Geschäfte in Tokio/Akihabara, wo du Souvenir, Figuren oder Cosplay findest und wie ganz sicher dein Otaku-Herz höher schlägt!

Akihabara è famosa soprattutto per la sua grande concentrazione di negozi che vendono tutti i tipi di apparecchi elettronici, anime, videogiochi ed articoli per adulti. Probabilmente è la più vasta area di vendita del mondo per beni elettronici e computer, inclusi oggetti nuovi e usati.

Anime News Network continues its look back at the lives lost in the tragic Kyoto Animation arson and the art that the creators left behind. ― How do you write a responsible obituary for

Akihabara Anime Corner

Otaku Culture, Maid Cafes, and Tokyo’s Akihabara Neighborhood. Prior to visiting Tokyo for the first time, I had visions of the city being stacked with row after row of tall flashy buildings. I imagined I would see hundreds of stores selling anime and electronics galore.

Akihabara sering disingkat sebagai Akiba (アキバ) Akihabara merupakan pusat perbelanjaan untuk barang elektronik, suku cadang elektronik, anime, manga, dan doujinshi. Kawasan ini merupakan surga otaku di bidang anime, manga, dan permainan video. Di tempat ini terdapat banyak maid cafe.

Akihabara Akihabara, which is also known as Akihabara Electric Town , is the neighborhood of Tokyo considered to be the play) cafes, where waitresses are dressed up like anime characters,

Ngày nay, Akihabara được nhiều người xem là một trung tâm văn hóa otaku và khu mua sắm các hàng hóa liên quan đến video game (gồm visual novel), anime, manga, light novel và máy vi tính.

Akihabara-Anime TH. 36,298 likes · 26 talking about this. ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าสู่เพจ Akihabara-Anime TH อัพเดทคำคม , มุข , กลอน และอัพเดทข่าวสารต่างๆ ทุกวัน

The most overwhelming part in Akihabara was the massive displays of anime and manga characters which were predominant all around the district. I learned soon enough that Akihabara is a place full of stores specialising in figurines, games and all sort of vintage anime collectables.

Conveniently located a 1-minute walk from JR Akihabara station and a 9-minute drive from Tokyo Station, Akihabara Washington Hotel offers modern accommodations with a restaurant and free WiFi Great location in 1 minute away from Akihabara Station. A lot of restaurants and a grocery store nearby.

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As Akihabara Washington Hotel is conveniently located just one minute away from JR Akihabara Station, guests have easy access to the rest of Tokyo via the city’s excellent railway network. Whether you’re in Tokyo or pleasure of business, Akihabara Washington Hotel is

Find the best things to do in Akihabara. Get travel tips and book tours, activities, restaurants and attraction tickets in Akihabara. Enrich your travel with Voyagin.

Cyber Team in Akihabara is an anime series which moves from being a lighthearted Magical Girl show to a much darker Magical Girl show involving a plot to destroy the world. The main character is Hibari Hanakoganei, an Ordinary Middle School Student who dreams of getting her own Pata-Pi, the new fad

Home >> Gamer Guide to Japan >> Akihabara Anime shopping guide 2010 . From Suehirocho station – on the street towards Akihabara, on the left side, you will find a good row of figurine, model kit, TF and toy shops, including Liberty (Figure Hobby Shop) and Toys Golden Age.

From multistorey computer stores and back-alley discount camera shops to anime-themed cafes and the latest in cosplay fashions, Akihabara is Tokyo’s epicentre for electronic goods and otaku culture.

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