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Basic plumage: This is a mature bird’s non-breeding plumage. For many species, this is the plumage the birds display for the majority of the year, and it may be more camouflaged with duller colors and less distinct markings than during the breeding season. In dimorphic species, both genders may resemble females in basic plumage.

Plumage definition, the entire feathery covering of a bird. See more.

All at once there began the most horrid, unearthly screaming, which at first startled me badly, though I had soon remembered the voice of Captain Flint and even thought I could make out the bird by her bright plumage as she sat perched upon her master’s wrist.

Plumage, collective feathered covering of a bird. It provides protection, insulation, and adornment and also helps streamline and soften body contours, reducing friction in air and water. Plumage of the newborn chick is downy, called neossoptile; that which follows is termed teleoptile. Juvenal

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Plumage definition is – the feathers of a bird. How to use plumage in a sentence.

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (Italian: L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo) is a 1970 giallo film directed by Dario Argento, in his directorial debut. The film has

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Male Painted Bunting in his spectacular plumage : Tim Hopwood Variations in plumage can be based on the sex of the bird, its age, or seasonal changes caused by molting. Molting patterns are complex and even the experts do not have all the answers about how this process is controlled. This basic

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Worn plumage may lose color, and the bird’s posture can affect how light reflects off individual feathers, changing the appearance of different colors. Some bird species have geographic differences in color between different populations, and male and female birds

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Bird Plumage. Bird plumages are composed of patterned feathers and pigments that produce remarkable effects on a bird’s appearance. Bright yellow, green, and blues combine with bold plumage color patterns as in the Many-colored Rush-Tyrant of South America.

Plumage Feather Bird. 637 477 71. Owl Snow Snow Owl Bird. 483 524 34. Hummingbird Bird. 542 573 42. Parrot Macaw Bird. 431 484 48. Peacock Feathers Plumage. 314 339 55. Peacock Feathers Feather. 274 352 21. Peacock Bird Feather. 221 187 44. Swan White Nature. 371 312 96. Burrowing Owl. 249 227 109. Crow Bird Raven. 392 248 103. Owl Bird Feather

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Synonyms for plumage at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for plumage.

plumage definition: Plumage is defined as all of the feathers of a bird. (noun) A parrot’s feathers are an example ofplumage.

If you like the looks of the color and pattern formed by a bird’s feathers, then you like its plumage.

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2.11.2015 · Watch Bird with the Crystal Plumage – video dailymotion – Jessica Dangelmaier on dailymotion

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Red plumage is quite common in the bird kingdom, especially in males, who use their red feathers to attract females. Scientists have recently pinpointed how a bird’s genetic code allows them to produce red feathers. Birds take in yellow pigments, called carotenoids from their diet, then an enzyme ca

Plumage abnormalities. From time to time, you may encounter a bird with plumage that is rather different from that which would be typical for the species. Some of these abnormalities may result from abnormal feather growth or feather loss, while others may be a consequence of problems with pigmentation.

Alternate plumage definition, (of birds having more than one plumage in their cycle of molts) the plumage of the second molt, usually brighter than the basic plumage. See more.

Bird plumage assists birds with more than just flight; colour is often used as a signal of quality, and readiness to mate in the breeding season. Yellow feathers get their colour from carotenoid pigments which birds obtain by eating plants, or by eating organisms that eat plants.

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Plain in plumage, being greyish brown above and dull white below, while its quills are dingy black, variegated with white, there is little about the mocking-bird’s appearance beyond its graceful form to recommend it; but the lively gesticulations it exhibits are very attractive, and therein its European rival in melody is far surpassed, for the

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