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Is Convergent Outsourcing a Scam? If you have been contacted by Convergent Outsourcing, know that we are accredited by ACA International and have been in business since 1950. With Convergent Outsourcing, we do not buy or own your debt, so you may still verify that the debt is yours with the original creditor. Red Flags for Collection Agency Scams

Convergent Outsourcing is one of America’s leading collection agencies, adhering to the FDCPA’s guidelines. We have more than sixty years of experience in the debt collections industry, serving clients as a third-party partner for receivables management.

8.4.2019 · Convergent Outsourcing is a debt collection agency that has quite a bit of skin in the game. Reflecting over 50 years of experience, Convergent Outsourcing caters their debt collection services for companies and entities looking to receive compensation for debts gone to collection.


2.8.2017 · Convergent Outsourcing Inc is a debt collection agency, which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. Find out who they are, why they might be calling, and how you can stop them.

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27.5.2016 · If so, you should know your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Telephone Consumer Protection Act. At Lemberg Law, we help people get the compensation they deserve for Convergent Outsourcing

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Never received a bill or a letter of collection in those 3 years. Convergent can’t show me a bill where the balance is stated. T-mobile acknowledges the balance but also can’t show any balance info either. I am concerned this is a scam and if I pay they will try it again later.


13.4.2019 · I received a collection notice from this agency, Convergent Outsourcing in Renton, WA, informing me that I owe a debt of $204.85, submitted by US Cellular. I immediately call my cell phone carrier because I pay them every month and have an active account with them. They have no record of sending me to collection since my account is current.


This company offers collection agency and call center. This is a multi-location business. Find a Convergent Outsourcing Inc. has drafted a detailed response that has been uploaded on the website to address your concerns When you pass the automatic response and speak to a person, they are rude and it feels like this is a scam.

9.2.2017 · Convergent Collection Agency Update: Scam or Not? I recently received a letter from this collection agency to settle my account with T-Mobile (yes, it was my debt). I defaulted because of the horrible connectivity and it not being reliable.

Convergent outsourcing has a collection account from a sprint account from 2010. The amount seems to be higher than what a typical phone bill would have been. I need to get a resolution from them as I am seeking new employment. The balance is showing 700.00..

Convergent Outsourcing – SCAM-BEWARE!! I received a letter today from Convergent Outsourcing, in which they stated that they were a collection agency and Paypal had contacted them regarding a negative balance on my Paypal account. The letter looked very professional. A client account number was listed as well as a ’Convergent’ account number.

I just receved my scam letter from Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. today, informing me that I owe $200.00 to PayPal. Interestingly, I just received my monthly PayPal bill showing no balance due. In doing some internet research, I’ve learned that this Convergent Outsourcing has been conducting this

Debt collection agencies have long been known for using abusive or deceptive tactics when collecting debt, so the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was passed to protect consumers from these debt collection practices. If Convergent violates any of the FDCPA laws, they could be forced to pay up to $1,000 and much more in punitive

Free assistance to stop Convergent Outsourcing debt collection harassment. Please call us now at 877-700-5790. Stop the Calls! convergent res, conversion outsourcing, convergent outsourcing scam, convergent outsourcing, inc, coi collection agency, convergent debt collector, what is convergent outsourcing, convergent debt collector

I recieved a collection notice from Covergent Outsourcing this past weeeknd regarding a verizon account. I called Verizon today to confirm that all of my accounts are paid in full, they are. However the account number Convergent had on their letter was not mine, Verizon did tell me however that account is

27.2.2014 · Consumers allege they are billed by Convergent Outsourcing Inc for a debt they do not owe; when they call the creditor, they get confirmation they do not owe anything. Consumers claim they receive numerous calls from Convergent Outsourcing Inc, but when they attempt to return the calls, they cannot reach an operator and must leave a message.

Just another example, but here are the details. we received a letter from ’convergent,’ claiming they are a collection agency and that we owe $594.86 to LVNV Funding, with Sprint listed as the original creditor.


Convergent Outsourcing review with 14 Comments: I received a letter from Convergent Outsourcing saying a owed approximately $1200 with an additional $1800 in interest for a debt to a bank in which I have NEVER done business.

If you’ve experienced Convergent Outsourcing harassment, remember this number: 1-855-301-5100. Do you have Convergent Outsourcing complaints? If so, you shou

As far as I am concerned this is a scam. Furthermore questions arise as how the heck they acquired my cell phone number (1st) and then my home phone number. If I continue to receive harrasing phone calls from these individuals I will report them to the BBB, Local and State Attorneys Office, My Congressman, Senator and anyone else who will here my complaint in reference to this company’s practices.

26.9.2018 · convergent – Scam bill collect for nonexistent bills [26] convergent – Collection letter past-due PayPal account [4] Convergent Outsourcing – Example of the unethical (Illegal) games played by debt collectors [7] Convergent Outsourcing – T-mobile old bill account #330589258; Convergent/ – False Bill; Convergent Outsourcing – Payment due

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Is This A Scam? Convergent Outsourcing Inc, also known as Convergent Collection Agency or ER Solutions, is a subsidiary of Convergent Resources Inc. Convergent Outsourcing is a collections agency based in Renton, Washington. The debt collection agency has been in business for over fifty years.

ER Solutions reviews ( Deletion letter. CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING 877-495-0497. CONVERGENT JUST PAID MILLIONS AND CHANGED THIER NAME E SOLUTIONS. SONIA RAMOS DE OLIVEIRA. Collection Agency Review. Changing sleeves on the large spindle sander. UNABLE TO WORK WITH INTERNET SIGHT.


This organization is not BBB accredited. Collections Agencies in Renton, WA. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more.

Convergent Outsourcing Collection letter scam. Convergent Outsourcing Convergent Outsourcing. Convergent Outsourcing Soldier who’s a victim of identity theft. Sprint ATERSO01 Sent me a collections lette. Convergent Outsourcing Convergent – collection agency is harrasing people. comments. Information. Members, of group Guest, can not leave

19.11.2013 · Convergent Outsourcing turned in an account on my credit report. When I disputed the account and asked for proof that I owed it, they sent me a letter stating they could not prove I owed it and would make no further attempts to collect the amount, However, the hit to my credit record will stay there until the year 2020 and they refuse to remove it.

Just recieved a letter from Convergent Outsourcing, Inc located at Houston, TX 77043 regarding the debt with the compaby I had never had any account with. Convergent does not even my full name right. They say I owe over $2,000 and they are willing to settle at 50%. I have just recieved a credit approval for mortgage, so it is a scam!

6.12.2011 · Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx ATTN: xxxxxxxxxx . 6DEC2011 . Dear xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, I am contacting your office in dispute of a debt collection letter sent to my above address. I cannot recall any negative accounts with PayPal, Inc. and certainly not any within the Minnesota legal Statutes of Limitations for debt, which is

If you receive a call from Convergent Outsourcing, you do not have to give them any information, such as your social security number or bank account numbers. You do not have to take abusive or harassing phone calls from Convergent Outsourcing or any other debt collection agency. Known Convergent Outsourcing Collection Call Numbers

With this change the Temporary Identification code is no longer necessary to access your account. After clicking the above link please use the Convergent Account Number to create your account. Any existing web accounts will need to be recreated on the new site. –

Most likely, you are being contacted by a Collection Agency called Convergent Outsourcing, also known as ER Solutions. convergent, or ER Solutions, is located in Renton, Washington. There have been allegations made against this debt collector for all sorts of violations of

9.10.2018 · Then this letter from convergent debt collection, i do not even know who they are. i want off my credit score and i am going too check it. I see others had same scam with this so called place. they want me too pay them $ 1,741.57 as a ” settlement offer”

DOUGLASS v. CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING. Reset A A Font size: Print. On May 16, 2011, Plaintiff Courtney Douglass received a debt collection letter from Convergent Outsourcing (“Convergent”) regarding the collection of a debt that Douglass allegedly owed T–Mobile USA.

This company has sent me two different bills one was for 1870 and the other was for 7760 trying to collect a debt that I do not even owe, so I contacted them and told them that I was going to report them and that’s what exactly what I am doing they said they were not going to send me any more bills that bill was not even on my credit report so.

This company is trying to collect a debt that does not exist. I receive a letter from this company, telling me that I have a debt with Paypal that I should p

Here at the Tayne Law Group, we are experienced in handling debt collection agencies. Combined we have over 60 years of debt resolution experience. Call and find out today how we can help you resolve your debts in the best manner at 1-866-890-7337! All phone consultations are free always! WHO IS CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING?

I received a collection letter from convergent outsourcing offering me a settlement for a past due balance with states it is under my old phone number . After calling Verizon I was told that they cannot access the account because it has been sold to a collection agency.

“‘This notice has been sent to you by a collection agency the record of Dish Network shows your account balance of $1,083.68,” read Bates. The letter was from Convergent Outsourcing, a company claiming to be a collection agency representing Dish Network. But there was a problem. “I have never had dish network,” said Bates.

We do not attempt to scam consumers. We have stopped collection efforts and will forward a copy of this complaint and our response to our client. In response to this communication, Convergent Outsourcing has closed this account in our office and returned it to our client, Paypal Inc.

6. Send a letter to teh Convergent OutSourcing , Inc. ( letting them know that you have done all of the above to start a full investigation into the company for Fraud Collection, Federal Offense. Do noive them any personal information and send it out Certified with a Signature and keep for your records. 7.

Convergent Resources Inc. is a privately held company, it is also referred to as Convergent Outsourcing, Inc., a subsidiary of Convergent Resources Holdings, LLC. Formerly known as ER Solutions. It is one of the largest U.S. providers of outsourced receivables management and

Scam Phone Number 18774950497, CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING, inc try to collect money fraudulently. company called Convergent Outsourcing, Inc collection agency is a FRAUD. they will try to collect money supposedly from over a year ago from an e -mail address that has NEVER been used.

Calls from 323-331-9677 are coming from Convergent Outsourcing. If you’re receiving calls from 323-331-9677, you’re not alone. Read what others have to say about Convergent Outsourcing calls, and then share your story. We rely on those across the U.S. – people just like you – to report their experiences with callers like Convergent Outsourcing.


Convergent Outsourcing Debt Collection? Debt. I recieved a noticed from an account a don’t recognize called Convergent Outsourcing they say they are collecting debt on behalf of Razor Capitol who bought debt from Chase Manhattan Bank. Here’s the thing all my Chase accounts are active and in good standing so should I assume this is a scam?

Convergent Outsourcing, Inc, holds a Electrical Business Information license according to the Florida license board. Their BuildZoom score of 90 indicates that they are licensed or registered but we do not have additional information about them.

Caller Name: Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. Centurylink dropped the ball when I ended my service with them – returned modem but they never credited my acct for said modem so they turned me over to this collection agency which I owe them NOTHING as I have proof of returned modem.

Convergent Outsourcing, Inc, holds a Electrical Business Information license according to the Florida license board. Their BuildZoom score of 90 indicates that they are licensed or registered but we do not have additional information about them.

Caller Name: Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. Centurylink dropped the ball when I ended my service with them – returned modem but they never credited my acct for said modem so they turned me over to this collection agency which I owe them NOTHING as I have proof of returned modem.

The company and its subsidiaries provide accounts receivable management, collection, and customer care services to a variety of industries throughout the US. Clients include banks and financial institutions, retailers, utilities, and telecommunications, cable, and satellite providers. Its Convergent Revenue Cycle Management division offers

Convergent also known as Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. and Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC. They’re trying collect an eronious debt in the amount of $2,200.13 claiming it is an HSBC account. I don’t have, nor did I ever have and HSBC credit card, loan or bank account. They’re now offering me to

5.8.2017 · I have a notification on my Credit report stating that I owe a debt collection agency money which is from T-mobile, and it has been sent to collections. I never received any information in regards to a debt before hand and I am still a current T-Mobile customer, OTHERWISE I would have paid it. I want to work with T-Mobile directly to pay off my

15.4.2015 · I received a letter from Convergent Oursourcing, they claim to be a ”debt collector” company. They said that my account has a past due balance of $5,296,43. I think this is a scam, if it is, what should I do to validate this?

Compare Convergent Outsourcing and Consumer Collection Advocates pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. Find the best companies in Collection Agencies category: Consumer Collection Advocates and Convergent Outsourcing, Consumer Collection Advocates vs NCO Financial Services, Convergent Outsourcing vs Zarzaur And Schwartz

Compare Convergent Outsourcing and 3G collect pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. Find the best companies in Collection Agencies category: 3G collect and Convergent Outsourcing, 3G collect vs ER Solutions, Convergent Outsourcing vs Zarzaur And Schwartz

Convergent Outsourcing , Inc caller complaints. Find out how to block Convergent Outsourcing , Inc caller

Complaint / review / scam report Convergent Outsourcing Collection. Complaint / review text: I’m confident that I had been simply scammed by Convergent Outsourcing. Obtained a notice saying that I owed only a little over $1300 plus they might negotiate it for near to $500.

This is a Collection Company called Convergent Outsourcing. I have a past-due account that is in collections and this copmany is the one handling it. So far, 2 of the 3 people I have spoken to there are very understanding about my money situation and do not harrass me. There is one lady there, though that is very rude.

Convergent argued that the account number qualified as “benign language.” The district court granted summary judgment to Convergent, reasoning that a strict interpretation of section1692f(8) would contradict Congress’s true intent: barring markings that would reveal the letter to pertain to debt collection or harass or humiliate a consumer.

Convergent Outsourcing consumer reviews, complaints, customer service. Customer service contacts and company information. Write a review Sign In. this account was beingdisputed as fraudulent through the credit bureauThe account was placed into a dispute statusand collection efforts were suspended.On 04/03/2017, we mailed Mr

I got a letter from an outfit called Convergent Outsourcing in Texas. They were purportedly doing collection on a ”debt” of around $2000.00. But wait – it gets better.

Complaint / review / scam report Convergent Outsourcing, Inc Tori Ferguson Letter sent to my address to collect an fake debt. Convergent Outsourcing Palisades Collection Scam smell. Changed name of original creditor on two letters! 0 comments. Information.

They told me that I am in debt to Sprint for over $3000 dollars on 4 phones purchased on 04/30/2018 that I did not buy. The representative from Convergent Outsourcing asked me for the last four of my social and my birthdate which I did not give, but I did give them my current address.

Consult the Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. business profile in Renton , WA for company research. Find over 32 million profiles with the D&B Business Directory at

It was a Robo dial they left a message to call the 855-343-7888 number back and it isn’t a working number when I call the other number that was left on my caller id no one will speak to me. The robot thing says its a debt collection from convertions or something like that.

I received a collection notice from Convergent acting as a collection compant for Razor Capital for a past due balance that was staisfied on September 25, 2015. I have Filed dissmal document. I believe this is an attempt to of fraud. This debt was not in my name but my husbands so I knew right away it was an attempt to scam me

This organization primarily operates in the Collection Agency, except Real Estate business / industry within the Business Services sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 6 years. Convergent Outsourcing is estimated to generate $79.3 million in annual revenues, and employs approximately 730 people at this single location.

Convergent Outsourcing Inc is a company that works with various businesses to provide collection services and recover debt. Many Americans like you are being contacted by collection agencies who are trying to get payments on defaulted accounts they have acquired or been assigned. Even though you may owe a debt, you still have rights.

ER Solutions, also known as ERS, provides collection processing solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Founded in 1950, it offers Web access, client online reporting and publishing services. With a staff of more than 1,500 employees in its call centers, the company utilizes monitoring and

But the behavior of other debt collectors gone bad is so egregious that the FTC asks the courts to permanently ban them from participating in the debt collection business. You can learn about the lawsuits that resulted in the bans, including press releases and links to the legal complaints, by visiting the FTC’s list of banned debt collectors.

Debt Collection Scams: How to Know the Difference. woman reading a debt collection scam letter Debt collection scams have become more and more prevalent over the years, cheating people out of their time, Convergent Outsourcing is a third party debt collections agency with over sixty years of

I really appreciate how you have reflected on and clearly expressed your experiences as part of the Convergent family. I love how you are taking full ownership to create the kind of future you want, and how the skills you have learned also help you in your personal life.

Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. of Renton, WA. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet.

New to Read our Newswire Disclaimer. A New Jersey man has filed a proposed class action against Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. and Galaxy Portfolios, LLC alleging the companies broke the law by failing to itemize the amount of debt listed in a collection letter sent to the plaintiff.

There are 49 companies that go by the name of Convergent Outsourcing Inc.. These companies are located in 30600 Telegraph Rd.Bingham Farms MI, Albuquerque NM, Atlanta GA, Baltimore MD, Baton Rouge LA, Bismarck ND, Boise ID, Carson City NV, Centennial CO, Charleston WV, Cheyenne WY, Chicago IL, Clayton MO, Cleveland OH, Columbia SC, Concord NH

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Convergent Outsourcing. Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. is a debt collection agency. This is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector,

Convergent Outsourcing – Zombie debt/scam? Questions › Convergent Outsourcing – Zombie debt/scam? 0 Vote Up Vote Down. asked 4 years ago. I recieved a collection notice from Covergent Outsourcing this past weeeknd regarding a verizon account. I called Verizon today to confirm that all of my accounts are paid in full, they are.

The letter indicated payments could be made to which is an internet site associated with the Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. Scam. Seal. Jul 7, 2012 beware!!! These guys have sent me a letter regarding a service that happened 12 years ago! This is past SOL, this collection is against the law! Beware! Previous 1 Next.

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CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING, INCORPORATED; LVNV FUNDING, L.L.C., Defendants – Appellees . Appeal from the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas . Before DENNIS, ELROD, and GRAVES, Circuit Judges. JAMES L. DENNIS, Circuit Judge: The issue presented by this appeal is whether a collection letter for a

Comment: LOOKED IT UP IT SAYS COLLECTION AGENCY AND A SCAM! THEY CALLED MY GRANDMAS HOUSE SHE CALLED ME IN A PANIC ! SHE WANTED TO KNOW WHY IT WAS SO IMPORTAN. 206-777-1961 If Convergent Outsourcing is harassing you, you can get free legal help to stop the calls and recover up to $1,500 for illegal calls.

New Jersey Convergent Resources, Inc. False statements or representation complaint: Convergent Outsourcing sent me a letter stating that they are collecting for Galaxy Asset Purchasing on a account I never had They claim they are willing to settle for percent Convergent Resources, Inc. Debt Collection Complaint. . has a worldwide ranking of n/a n/a and ranking n/a in n/a. Using IP address in . Website Speed and Performance Optimization

Florida Convergent Resources, Inc. Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed complaint: convergent outsourcing inc is trying to collect a debt that is not mine they say I owe but I do not owe any money to same scam happened to me 2 years ago and I

Washington’s Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. is the defendant in a proposed class action that alleges the company violated federal law when it sent a collection letter that contained a validation notice and settlement offer, but failed to explain how the plaintiff could fulfill the requirements of both.

I was contacted by Convergent Outsourcing Inc debt collectors, but I don’t know what I’m being charged for. What should I do? An internet search says Convergent Outsourcing Inc is

Formally known as ER Solutions, Convergent Outsourcing employs approximately 2,300 employees in 12 offices. Convergent Outsourcing provides collection services to the following industries: hospitals and health systems, banks and financial institutions, retailers, telecommunications, cable and satellite, utilities, and commercial creditors.

Convergent does customer care outsourcing, receivables management (fancy term for collections). They work everything from cable to healthcare to commercial debt. On their own sites they seem to blend their outsourcing with their collections descriptions so they sound less like a collection agency. Who Is Convergent Resources, Inc.

Convergent Outsourcing Scam Review 2019. By tim Debt 0 Comments. Convergent Outsourcing, found at, markets their platform as one of America’s leading collection agencies, supposedly adhering to the FDCPA’s guidelines.

JOIN SCAM CALL FIGHTERS! Una nos pugna! Una nos lucror! Together we You Searched for ”Convergent Outsourcing, Inc ” CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING, inc try to collect money fraudulently : company called Convergent Outsourcing, Inc collection agency is a FRAUD. they will try to collect money supposedly from over a year ago from an e -mail

Civil Matter. Complaints Unsolicited Phone Calls Legal Outsourcing Department of R M S. Complaint. 0. mama. 22 Jul 2016. The typical fraudulent ”debt collection” shakedown scam goes through a bunch of pompous legal sounding BS attempting to create the perception that ”you are being sued”.

I have NEVER owed Citizens Bank a dime! I checked my credit report and saw ”CONVERGENT OUTSOURCING, 800 SW 39TH ST RENTON, WA 98057, (888) 871-2279 Inquired on 12/07/2018”. If Convergent Outsourcing is a legitimate credit collections company, maybe they’ve been hacked and this ATERSO01 is using th e information to create phony debts.

I never received any letters or correspondences from Convergent Outsourcing. XX/XX/17 : called the Convergent Outsourcing collection agency to inquire about the collection account they reported to my credit report. I provided them both the account number & my social security number & told them I had never received any correspondences from them

Search for all reviews, complaints and scams about Convergent Outsourcing, Inc.. We at Complaints Base are not liable for the content posted about this company. American Cosigners, Randi Dorante Scam Artist of American Cosigners. February 15, 2015. Leave a reply Cancel reply.

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