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11.8.2015 · The story centers on the local high school’s race for class president. Using some nontraditional means, Napoleon is determined to help his pal Pedro (Efrem Ramirez) run a winning campaign and defeat popular girl Summer

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Tina Majorino, Actress: Napoleon Dynamite. Tina Majorino is clearly one of the most talented young actresses to come out of the early 1990s. She starred in three feature

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Napoleon Dynamite (2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Napoleon Dynamite is a 2012 American animated sitcom based on the 2004 indie film of the same name. Set in the small town of Preston, Idaho, it follows the adventures of the titular 16-year-old boy, who thinks he is skilled at everything.

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27.4.2007 · As far as the picture, I am pretty sure it is just some girl and not Napoleon dressed like one. I have seen the movie like 10 times. Good luck finding out. You might go to and look up Napoleon Dynamite and it might say something in the trivia section. Hope this helped.

11.11.2014 · Gosh! It’s been 10 years since Napoleon, Pedro, and Kip created the cult classic film Napoleon Dynamite, and though the gang (and Tina the llama) still live on in our hearts, their offscreen counterparts look totally different these days. Check out the core cast then and now: Jon Heder (Napoleon) Jon Heder played star Napoleon.

Like a tiger and a lion bred for its skills in magic, Napoleon Dynamite is one of a kind, a bizarre indie passion project that somehow dominated the 2004 box office. The movie’s cast of unknowns were transformed into comedy stars overnight. Here’s what the Napoleon Dynamite cast looks like today.

Aug 31, 2015 – Tina, come get some ham!. See more ideas about Napoleon dynamite, Napoleon and Napoleon dynamite quotes.

One of those charming characters was Deb Bradshaw, Napoleon’s potential high school sweetheart. Like many of the other characters in Napoleon Dynamite, Deb was kind of a dork, sporting a side ponytail and selling glamour shots, handcrafts, and keychains door to door to earn enough cash for college.

Napoleon Dynamite: (to Deb) You should probably pick up all the stuff you left on my lawn, because it’s taking up so much room in my backpack I can’t fit my nunchucks. Napoleon Dynamite: I like your sleeves. They’re all puffy Napoleon Dynamite: I like your sleeves. They’re real big.

7.10.2019 · ’Napoleon Dynamite’ is a very individual movie that there really aren’t any other movies that you can compare it to, and that is why it is such fun. Waiting for the next moment in Napoleon’s life is what makes this movie such an anticipation of enjoyment.

Deborah Elizabeth Bradshaw (born February 6, 1993) is a local glamour shot producer in Preston, Idaho. She befriends (and then develops a crush on) Napoleon after he returns her handicrafts to her. She is portrayed by Tina Majorino. Deb is seen as uncomfortable to be around, which could be the

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Enjoy the best of Napoleon Dynamite Quotes. Quotes from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. 1 Don: Hey, Napoleon. What did you do last summer again? Napoleon Dynamite: I told you! I spent it with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines!

Awesome Mc Coolname: Napoleon Dynamite. Blatant Lies: Lies frequently about his skills and things he’s supposedly done, like hunting wolverines. Butt-Monkey: Suffers quite a bit of misfortune in the film, getting picked on by bullies, suffering Groin Attacks from Pedro’s bike and Rico’s time machine, and getting rumors spread about him by Rico.

In the film ”Napoleon Dynamite,” the title character’s best friend is named Pedro. Asked in Comedies and Funny Movies What musician did the name Napoleon Dynamite come from? Elvis Costello goes by this alias and the name is on the cover of the album Blood and Chocolate

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