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Deforestation Stats Deforestation figures, statistics, tables, and charts. Deforestation figures and charts; This web site has thousands of pages on deforestation. You may also be interested in An Overview of Deforestation, deforestation pictures, and current deforestation news blog.

The statistic shows the deforestation rate of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil from 2004 to 2018. The source estimated that 7,900 square kilometers of the Brazilian Amazon were destroyed in 2018, up from around 6,950 square kilometers a year earlier.

Deforestation is a serious problem that is affecting the entire planet in a way which is far graver than we think. To know more about deforestation, its causes and effects, please read the following. Deforestation and Greenhouse Gases The destruction and the deforestation of forest land that is caused mainly by expanded agricultural activity in

The rise comes despite declining deforestation rates, and is mainly due to fires in the Amazon. The Amazon region had more fires in 2017 than any year since recording began in 1999, causing 31 percent of the region’s tree cover loss according to University of Maryland data, which for the first time attributed specific instances of tree cover

Calculating Deforestation Figures for the Amazon By Rhett A. Butler April 24, 2018 [Last update: Sept 14, 2019] Read more. Data is updated monthly here. These figures are calculated from estimates provided by the Brazilian National Institute of Space Research (INPE), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and MapBiomas.


Tropical deforestation is the 2 nd biggest contributor to climate change. We will share with you some deforestation facts and statistics, to show you how it affects our environment and how we can help stop it. Fast Forest Facts. 13 million hectares of forest have been converted for other uses or

Deforestation Charts – General Overview By Rhett A Butler, using various data sources as sites in ”context of image” links. This web site has thousands of pages on deforestation. You may also be interested in An Overview of Deforestation, deforestation pictures, and current deforestation news blog.

Deforestation is mushrooming in the Brazilian Amazon, according to Imazon. Imazon’s data shows deforestation hit 1,169 square kilometers in June 2018, the highest level since the NGO began monthly tracking in April 2007. While month-to-month data from short-term deforestation tracking systems is

Forests are a critical resource and habitat for life on Earth. They are home to some of the richest areas of biodiversity. How do forest areas vary across the world? What is the extent of forest loss and gain in the world? See global and country-level data on long-term changes in forests.

The trees can eventually grow back, but at the rate we’re cutting them down, they can’t grow fast enough. Tropical deforestation is the 2 nd biggest contributor to climate change. We will share with you some deforestation facts and statistics, to show you how it affects our environment and how we can help stop it. Fast Forest Facts

Deforestation Is Accelerating, Despite Mounting Efforts to Protect Tropical Forests. What Are We Doing Wrong? by Frances Seymour – June 26, 2018

SOFO 2018 shines a light on the profound interlinkages that exist between forests and many other goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda, enabling policymakers to strike the right balance in actions, investments and partnerships directed towards food security, poverty alleviation, ecological conservation and, ultimately, to find pathways to

21.8.2017 · Forests cover about 30% of the planet, but deforestation is clearing these essential habitats on a massive scale. What is deforestation? Find out the causes, effects, and solutions to deforestation.

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Yet the effects of deforestation reach much farther. The South American rainforest, for example, influences regional and perhaps even global water cycles, and it’s key to the water supply in Brazilian cities and neighboring countries. The Amazon actually helps furnish water to some of the soy farmers and beef ranchers who are clearing the forest.

Deforestation of the Amazon is about to reach a threshold beyond which the region’s tropical rainforest may undergo irreversible changes that transform the landscape into degraded savanna with sparse, shrubby plant cover and low biodiversity. This warning derives from an editorial published in the

Animals farmed Don’t invest in Brazilian meat, warn deforestation campaigners. Published: 11 Dec 2019 . Don’t invest in Brazilian meat, warn deforestation campaigners. Greta Thunberg labelled a ’brat’ by Brazil’s far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro. Published: 10 Dec 2019 .

Deforestation impacts on the wider ecosystem and public health. Deforestation eliminates a great number of species of plants and animals which also often results in an increase in disease. Loss of native species allows new species to come to dominance.

Deforestation can also create a path for non-native species to flourish such as certain types of snails, which have been correlated with an increase in schistosomiasis cases. Deforestation is occurring all over the world and has been coupled with an increase in the occurrence of disease outbreaks.

Combined, eastern Australia is considered a global deforestation hotspot, the only one in the developed world. According to analysis by WWF’s Martin Taylor, Australia is likely to lose 3m hectares of trees in the next 15 years. And all that is putting things Australians care most about under threat.

The statistic shows a distribution of the deforested area in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil in 2018, by state. The source estimated that around 7,900 square kilometers of the Brazilian Amazon region were destroyed in 2018, of which almost 36 percent belonged to the state of Pará.

Graph Comparing Deforestation Rates Among African Countries Outlook for African Forests Additional Tables and Rainforests Individual Country Reports PLEASE NOTE: There is a new version of this page The vast majority of Africa’s tropical moist and tropical rainforests exist in West and Central Africa.

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21.8.2019 · Deforestation and forest degradation are responsible for around 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions. These greenhouse gas emissions contribute to rising temperatures, changes in patterns of weather and water, and an increased frequency of extreme weather events.

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Forest area (sq. km) Agricultural land (% of land area) Agricultural land (sq. km) Rural land area where elevation is below 5 meters (% of total land area) Urban land area where elevation is below 5 meters (% of total land area) Land area (sq. km)

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon hit 7,900 square kilometers for the year ending July 31, 2018, reports Brazil’s national space research institute, INPE. The figure represents a 14% increase over last year and a 41% miss of the official deforestation target. Final figures will be released

Additionally, deforestation statistics reveal that the United States lost 831 square miles of the forest cover between 2001 and 2005. Regeneration of depleted forest cover, new forest plantations, declaring forested areas as protected or reserved, etc., are some of the popular solutions that are being implemented around the world today.

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Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to utilize the land or trees. Typically, deforestation is clearing a lot of trees without the intention of establishing future growth. Harvesting, forest fires, and insect infestations do not count as deforestation because


Country Forest Data [sorted by region] [Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N.: The State of the World’s Forests 2007] Additional deforestation tables and statistics are available at the deforestation stats page. There is also an earlier version of this page with stats from the 1990s. This web site has thousands of pages on

By hovering over a country you can see the proportion of land covered by forest. Clicking a country will display a graph showing changes in forest cover between 1990 and 2015. Exploring the countries located along the equator it is clear that in most cases forest cover is reducing, due to deforestation.

The world has lost the equivalent of 1,000 football fields of forests per hour for the last 25 years, according to official figures. Experts warn that deforestation is a major issue facing the world, with the planet’s forests being depleted rapidly. A recent study estimated that there are three

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The productivity of the soil following forest removal for farming lasts only a year or two before the fields become infertile and farmers must clear new areas of forest to maintain their income. In 1995, nearly half (48%) of the deforestation in Brazil was attributed to poorer

Deforestation is the conversion of forested areas to non-forest land use such as arable land, urban use, logged area or wasteland. Historically, this meant conversion to grassland or to its artificial counterpart, grainfields; however, the Industrial Revolution added urbanization. Generally this removal or destruction of significant areas of

India has seen rapid deforestation in recent years, primarily due to its focus on economic development. According to government data, 14,000sq km of forests were cleared to accommodate 23,716 industrial projects across India over the last 30 years.

The Colombian Amazon is currently experiencing a deforestation surge (see graph). The surge started three years ago (2016) and peaked in 2017 with the highest annual deforestation on record (214,744 hectares).* Deforestation remains high in 2018: 156,722 hectares (based on early warning

Indonesia is losing its forests and, in turn, Indonesia’s rapidly disappearing forests, in four charts . The World. December 30, 2016 · 9:45 AM EST. Deforestation in Indonesia has been driven largely by the conversion of forests to industrial plantations producing oil palms and paper pulp.

Deforestation is forest loss through urban sprawl, land clearing for agriculture, wildfire, disease or timber harvest. The United States went through a period of intense deforestation between 1600 and 1900, but the size of its forest areas has been relatively stable for the last hundred years. Deforestation is offset

Analyze and investigate global data trends in forest change, cover and use with just a few clicks.

Knowing where deforestation is happening is critical for efforts aimed at stopping or slowing it. Major breakthroughs toward this goal have been made over the previous few years, with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) harnessing the power of satellites to monitor and identify canopy loss in forests around the world.

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Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon fell by 70% from 2005 to 2014, largely thanks to temporary agreements by processors and exporters to stop buying cattle or soy linked to deforestation in the region. Some companies have made commitments to ensure that future sourcing of their commodities (most often palm oil) will be free from deforestation.

The rapid cutting down of trees is endangering the environment. Deforestation stands out as a major concern that needs immediate attention. It’s high time we take the initiative to save trees. Let’s come together to make the planet greener and healthier by devising effective solutions for deforestation.

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Deforestation for agricultural commodities like palm oil, soy, and cattle is wiping out biodiversity and driving this climate emergency. We are at a point in time where a complete cease in deforestation and serious restoration efforts are needed to prevent mass species extinction if we are to limit global warming under 1.5°C degree world.

Although tropical deforestation meets some human needs, it also has profound, sometimes devastating, consequences, including social conflict and human rights abuses, extinction of plants and animals, and climate change—challenges that affect the whole world. References; Lindsey, R. (2007). Tropical Deforestation. NASA’s Earth Observatory.

15.2.2018 · Deforestation in the tropics Date: February 15, 2018 Source: Helmholtz Centre For Environmental Research – UFZ Summary: Tropical forests around the world play a key role in the global carbon cycle and harbor more than half of the species worldwide.

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has hit its highest rate in a decade, according to official data. About 7,900 sq km (3,050 sq miles) of the world’s largest rainforest was destroyed between August 2017 and July 2018 – an area roughly five times the size of London. Environment

24.11.2016 · New ideas on what speeds up deforestation and what slows it down. Indonesia and the environment: A sorry record on deforestation. Jul 2nd 2014, 11:20 from Banyan. Indonesia has overtaken Brazil for the highest rate of annual loss of primary forest in the world.

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Graph of the Day: Global Deforestation Rate, 2005-2010. Previous figures underestimated global deforestation rate for the 1990s. FRA 2010, like FRA 2005, did not directly compile data on deforestation rates, because few countries have this information.

Using satellite images, the Global Forest Watch researchers were able to see that 30 million acres of forest were lost around the world in 2018. Of that lost 30 million, over 880,000 acres were primary forests. Also called old-growth forests, primary forests are mature woodlands that haven’t been disturbed by human development in recent history.

How Does Deforestation Affect Climate Change? Deforestation is an important factor in global climate change. It is well known that deforestation is a big problem in the world today, with hundreds and even thousands of vulnerable forest being cut down both for tinder and to make way for arable farmland for cows and other livestock.

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effects of climate change. It must bring deforestation to zero by 2015, with progressive deforestation reduction goals that combine development, sensible use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation. Cattle ranching is responsible for the majority of deforestation in the Amazon, which has been expanding continuously since the early 1970s.

Deforestation – a modern-day plague in Southeast Asia The ASEAN Post Team. 23 September 2017 In this picture taken on August 5, 2010 during an aerial inspection organized by Greenpeace, excavators construct canals and roads on a logged over area of a pulpwood concession located in the Kerumutan peat swamp forest in the province of Riau in

20.11.2019 · Brazil is in a tricky position. It had been doing well to combat deforestation in the Amazon – even managing to increase commodity production at the same time – but recent countrywide economic and political crises have put that progress is at risk. The problem: deforestation is on the rise again

Deforestation Statistics Land Square miles of mature forest that originally covered the planet (pre 1947) 5.9 million Square miles of mature forest that have been cut down 3 million Top

Global Witness celebrates the news that players of People’s Postcode Lottery have now raised more than half a billion pounds for good causes. Dec. 11, 2019. New letter from 48 organisations urges investors and banks to note major risks of exposure to Amazon deforestation of buying shares in global meatpackers JBS and Marfrig. Dec. 11, 2019

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals? Greentumble Deforestation July 18, 2018. Forests cover 31 percent of earth’s land surface and house a majority of the plants and animals found on earth. It is estimated that these diverse ecosystems house 80 percent of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity [1].

Amazon Deforestation Rate Up 29 Percent From Last Year, Study Finds : The Two-Way Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research found that more than 3,000 square miles of forest cover were lost between August 2015 and July 2016 — a substantial increase over the year before.

Deforestation causes & what we can do . Deforestation causes & what we can do . added by ToddSmith. 771. 2. What is Deforestation? What is Deforestation? added by ram.shengale.7. 632. 1. What is a Change in Forest Cover Indicator? What is a Change in

Japan urged to stop using deforestation-linked wood for Kengo Kuma’s Olympic stadium. Share: Campaigners are now demanding an urgent review into whether the timber used is linked to deforestation and human-rights violations. Architects and designers celebrate Dezeen Awards 2018

Agricultural demand is one of the major drivers of deforestation in Honduras like other countries in Central America (Butler 2006). Every spring farmers use fire to clear forest and turn the land into agricultural use because this scrubbing of vegetation creates land for planting as well as releases enough nutrients to support crop growth

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In this tutorial, we will employ RUS to monitor on-going deforestation in the Chaco region, located in the north of Paraguay, using Sentinel-1 GRD data as input data to run a supervised classification (Random Forest). 2 Deforestation – background . Forests cover almost a third of world’s land surface, representing one of the most important

Apart from the degradation of human lives, deforestation is affecting animals and insects, which are displaced from their natural habitats to find alternative ones. The damage inflicted by deforestation on biodiversity is so great that it cannot be gauged in financial terms.

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of indigenous forests and woodlands. The term does not include the removal of industrial forests such as plantations of gums or pines. Deforestation has resulted in the reduction of indigenous forests to four-fifths of their pre-agricultural area.

Deforestation is an event of loss of forest cover to another cover. Sulawesi forests have the potential to be deforested as with Sumatra and Kalimantan. This study aims to provide information on deforestation events in Sulawesi from 1990 to 2018. The data used in this study are (1) land cover in 1990, 2000, 2010; (2) Landsat 8 imagery in 2018

/ Trees are defined as vegetation taller than 5m in height and are expressed as a percentage per output grid cell as ‘2000 Percent Tree Cover’. ‘Forest Cover Loss’ is defined as a stand-replacement disturbance, or a change from a forest to non-forest state, during the period 2000–2018.

Amazon deforestation increase continued in November 2018 – Deforestation was four times higher than in November 2017. Imazon’s SAD bulletin on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon for November 2018. Graph of the Day: Biomass Distributions for N. Atlantic Fish, 1900-2000.

Deforestation: 11 facts you need to know The causes of deforestation — food, firewood, mineral extraction, unsustainable agricultural expansion — continue unabated around the world.

Deforestation is accompanied by reduced humidity, owing to the absence of transpiring trees. The water content in the soil and the groundwater levels also decline in the cleared land. It is not uncommon for deforested land to experience extremely arid climates. In fact, deforestation has been linked to desertification and droughts.

What is deforestation, and what can we do to prevent it? Rainforests around the world are being lost at an alarming rate. In this article we investigate the causes and effects of deforestation, and look at what is being done to stop it. This page contains information about deforestation for kids, and is part of our rainforest series.

Deforestation, or the loss of forests, is progressing at a fast pace worldwide. This issue gets much attention in tropical regions where rainforests are converted to agriculture, but large swaths of boreal forests are cut each year in colder climates. Canada has long enjoyed an excellent standing in terms of environmental stewardship.

Tropical forests are home to half the Earth’s species, and their trees are an immense standing reservoir of carbon. Deforestation will have increasingly serious consequences for biodiversity, humans, and climate.

Many of the world’s old-growth forests are disappearing. One of the most important deforestation problems is that the loss of the arboreal carbon sink increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This contributes to global warming, mass extinction and other ecological issues.

Slowing the global deforestation rate Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) can improve lives, protect forests and biodiversity, and mitigate climate change. Forests serve as natural storage for carbon, and deforestation is the second leading cause of carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.

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Deforestation refers to the long-term removal of the forest from the landscape. Logging practices that encourage sustainable management and regrowth of the forest do not constitute deforestation. Agricultural settlement was and still is one of the primary processes of deforestation in North America. This deforestation process is predictable

State of the World’s Forests (SOFO) 2016 shows that it is possible to increase agricultural productivity and food security while halting or even reversing deforestation, highlighting the successful efforts of Costa Rica, Chile, the Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Tunisia and Viet Nam.

Deforestation has massive effects on the biosphere. It contributes to carbon emissions, changes in water cycles and biodiversity loss. The main cause of deforestation is the conversion of forested lands to agricultural lands. The results showed that deforestation was raging all over tropical areas

Deforestation is an act of opening a land in the forest by cutting or burning trees, so that the land can be used for something else (non-forest use), such as fields, farms, or building new urban area.

Deforestation means cutting down trees in large numbers. Deforestation means spoiling [নষ্ট করা] tress in large numbers.

Deforestation, clearing or thinning of forests by humans to make the land available for other uses. Deforestation is a major driver of terrestrial habitat loss and habitat fragmentation and contributes to global warming. Learn about historical and modern deforestation and its effects.

“Of the eleven world regions highlighted as global deforestation fronts, eastern Australia is the only one in a developed country,” cites a statement signed by global scientists. At the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania conference in Brisbane this summer, more than 200 senior scientists

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Deforestation: Causes, Effects and Control Strategies Sumit Chakravarty 1, S. K. Ghosh 2, C. P. Suresh 2, A. N. Dey 1 and Gopal Shukla 3 1Department of Forestry 2Pomology & Post Harvest Technology, Faculty of Horticulture Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Pundibari

forestfires-deforestation-graph. February 13. 2018. 15:11 forestfires-deforestation-graph. Comments. View Comments (0) Close Comments. THE BRIEF. Expert analysis directly to your inbox. Get a Daily or Weekly round-up of all the important articles and papers selected by Carbon Brief by email.

Carbon dioxide (CO 2) is an important heat-trapping (greenhouse) gas, which is released through human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels, as well as natural processes such as respiration and volcanic eruptions. The first graph shows atmospheric CO 2 levels measured at Mauna

Deforestation occurs most concentrated in tropical rainforests. Tropical forests are disappearing at a rate of about 13 million hectares per year (approximately the size of Greece). This magnitude of destruction has significant social, economic and environmental impacts, not only at

ADVERTISEMENTS: Destruction of biotic potential of land leads to desertification. Such problem arises due to over-grazing, indiscriminate falling of trees and over-exploitation of land resources. The devastating effects of deforestation in India include soil, water and wind erosions, estimated to cost over 16,400 crores every year.

Logging and deforestation in Malaysia’s forests is threatening the way of life of the indigenous populations and causing environmental catastrophes [Jarni Blakkarly/Al Jazeera] Kuala Wok, Malaysia – High up in the remote mountain jungles of Malaysia’s eastern state of Kelantan, massive deforestation

Deforestation, which is the loss of wild forest habitats due to human activity, has grown into a global problem as demand for wood climbs. Shrinking forests can cause wide-reaching problems, including soil erosion, water cycle disruption, greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity losses.

Deforestation surrounding road in the Peruvian Amazon Mining operations at Rio Huaypetue gold mine Aerial view of logging road beneath the rain forest canopy Aerial view of deforestation in the Amazon Sections of rain forest cut for slash-and-burn agriculture and cattle pasture Aerial view of deforestation near Ifaty in western Madagascar is the leading resource for data visualization and creative infographics. The site aims at providing you the latest infographics on various topic from

Deforestation and Its Extreme Effect on Global Warming. From logging, agricultural production and other economic activities, deforestation adds more atmospheric CO2

23.12.2019 · Browse Deforestation news, research and analysis from The Conversation The impact of deforestation for oil palm plantations is well known – and now research has found the replanting process could be additional harm to biodiversity. Oil palm fruits harvested in Malaysia.

Deforestation affects climate change on a large scale, as discussed in the sections above; however, climate change is not the only negative consequence of deforestation. There are many other ways in which deforestation has negative impacts to the environment. Water Cycles.

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deforestation and more than 484 plant species are threatened with extinction and several species of wildlife are threatened by deforestation. ”Nigeria’s wildlife is rapidly declining due to habitat loss, increased pressure from hunters, poachers and bush burning,” says Vision 2010 report. Japan and its Impact on Southeast Asia Deforestation

1950-1970 Environmental groups are calling for urgent action to slow deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon jungle, the Brazilian government says. Early 1900’s 90% of forest land in Indiana were destroyed to create farmland for crops and livestock In 1929 many farmers left their farm

Business Jul 12, 2018. EU urged to draft law on child labor, deforestation in coffee and cocoa areas as voluntary curbs fail. The European Union must set mandatory rules to tackle child labor and deforestation in the cocoa and coffee sectors, after years of voluntary action has failed to spur widespread change, stakeholders and policymakers

Ricardo Salles, Brazil’s environment minister announced the deforestation figures in front of a graph of deforestation going back to 1988: Compared to the area deforested in 1995 (29,059 km 2) or 2004 (27,772 km 2) the current rate of deforestation is low. But deforestation

Detect deforestation and changes in land use Identify deforestation activity and enforce land use laws in near real time with Planet’s high cadence, global imagery. Track illegal events, such as large-scale deforestation or selective logging, with high frequency 3.7m monitoring imagery

In New South Wales, e.g. most deforestation occurred between 1892 and 1921, mainly from the rapid proliferation of the wheat and sheep industries (Norton 1996). Afterwards, emphasis shifted to southwestern Western Australia which experienced its most rapid deforestation between 1920 and the 1980s and to Queensland in more recent decades .

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